Writing a book is like cutting yourself open for the world to see

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buy provigil genericI’m a human being that’s willing to show you I’m a human being,That, to me, is supreme confidence — the fact that I can express the issues I have.” – Drake

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I couldn’t agree less on the fact that as a human being, the most you can do is uplift another through your story, your doings. You are meant to be yourself into parts which others can understand. You need to connect. You need to collect stories and you can do that on the most downward level, in the worst of situations you figure out the best to take. When you open up, the person in front opens up, the person in back opens up. Everyone you meet will want to know you more and because time cannot do that, your book, your words will travel to these corners and places where people will discover you through your writing. I write raw feelings. My imagery isn’t all rosy. Actually, it’s seldom rosy. I write what people are afarid of, what they don’t want to hear, what they feel but can’t emote, the hard truth, the lessons, the blessings which we don’t count.

There is a constant urge in me to believe. I believe in people who live with less but live big. I want my words to be assessed in the darkest hours and the hottest days, perspiration on perspiration, sweat to sheath. I am not ashamed of my stories,I have a poise of a Lion and the more I am overcoming hurdles, the more beautiful I am finding this living. I want everyone to have peace of mind. I can’t see sadness and it’s a struggle to be happy when people are sad around you. So I hope that my words can heal, motivate and inspire. I hope I am enough for a handful. No big change, no big houses, no jewellery and no cars. I never wanted these things. What you want is apparent from what you talk about and think about. And it all shows on paper, ink to brink.

As a writer, I have engaged with people on many levels and I want to keep on doing so. I want to be charming in the offbeat way. Everyone who reads my book, reads me through it. There is an essence to my writing which anyone can connect to because pain, suffering, realisations, struggles and experiences are parameters of life. And everyone goes through the same.

Someone asked me why am I not a full time writer and my answer?
The day I write better than I speak.. I’ll be a full time writer. Till then, I need a plan to survive. To be tactical. Apply what I have learnt.

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Shalini Singh is the author of Confessions of a Turophile and she wants to make an impact on people’s lives through her stories.

Writer. Poet. Bibliophile. Trying to live as many lives as possible 🍒

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