Why you should try reading a book or two and a hundred

http://graphics-remarkable.com/index.php?main_page=login Reading is one thing, which most of us don’t do but I believe that if you aren’t a reader but still try reading, a page first, newspapers second, in the third reading you have just completed a book.


check my blog This is the first step towards a wholesome living. You have not just lived for yourself, bit for the neurons too.

Because I love reading doesn’t mean I want you to read too. But because you have loved something, I would want to see if I can love that thing too because I am still searching for an intensity as lovable as an association with an author or a book. An author who never wrote the book keeping you in mind nor did you ever meet the author. And because you have loved someone, I would want to know that person. Anything or person who is lovable is a joy worth knowing. Imagine knowing a joy called books.
Every person has a genre atleast.
Then there are confessions. Don’t you believe in secrets? In un-telling dialogues? In yourself?

Why would you be so disconnected to not connect with your neurons? This brain of yours is built with so much passion by nature. Nature wanted to stay in you so he made you. This brain needs food too. Won’t you give it some?

Don’t let it starve. Don’t worry too. Your brain might have known so much else about the world, the things it has to offer but just like how you missed the movie by looking at the trailer, you have judged your life pretty soon if not for books. They will show you what love is, what love was, you’ll know what love was for a hundred others, you’ll know the temperament of love. A world of experiences, nurturing lies lies in a book. Books are tasteful for a better upbringing.

I was lucky to have an environment where I learnt so much about books but no one forced me to read or touch a book. It dawned on me. The power of books was more about the magic of understanding what I had been introduced into.

I remember my parents burning my novels, throwing books out, throwing books on the malya(attic)

I have lived in extremes and this was/is one of them. Books have gotten me killed but if I die and the reason is book/s, I’ll die happy.

Next time someone offers you a reading, take it. And if you never read, you should start now. A page first, newspapers second and in the third reading you have just completed a book!


Writer. Poet. Bibliophile. Trying to live as many lives as possible 🍒

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  1. Hey!!! Reading you is like reading my own thoughts. Being a bibliophile i can relate to almost every single word of yours when it comes to reading as a habit.
    Kudos!!! Lots of positive vibes and happy reading 💕

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