Why you should read my book even though you don’t really read

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http://overtonclocks.co.uk/?p=259 With this book comes reasonability and responsibility.

I am in for both.

Do you want to read what goes inside my mind? It’s similar to yours. The emotions…. The constraints… The conversations.. the broken… The mending… The seekers… The fighters… The lost.. a list of things interconnected by cheese. Cheese is a medium, not just food for me.

I bring you the unlikeliest of poetries, woven togather with much thinking.

Let’s impact. Let’s drown in a world of emotional thinking. Dark, deep, unflinching.

I’m on Instagram as @confessions_of_a_turophile. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

Writer. Poet. Bibliophile. Trying to live as many lives as possible 🍒

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