Who moved the cheese into my mouth?

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follow site The types of cheese I have eaten:

http://crochetedbuddies.com/2015/page/2/ I ate cheedar when I came home to some. The whole family was awaiting to know what else milk could do 🐽

I ate Gouda when I went to a fancy wine tasting and I never realized how very unfancy I was till then. My first wine tasting left me wanting to taste more cheese 🧀

I used to love Amul pizza’s as kids and that was my Mozzarella moment

The thousand and one festivals have flagged more fat than any Indian household because after a guest got me an assortment of cheeses ( Yes. You read it right. Caerphilly is what I discovered. There were assortments of chocolates too) and I have never loved having a guest more than that one time

Calvados and I met in a lot of places. The beauty of this cheese lost in translation. I have lived sparsely in a lot of different places with different people and I remember some people having a thing for cheese. Just like me. Getting fat togather

I have walked past a small quaint bakery in Dalhousie with my vice in my pocket. Peeling off wrappers and heating the intestines with some rum and cheese cubes

I remember a man showing me his fridge and there I met Manchego as a first to flirt with me after knowing how badly cheese turned me on. I decided I will marry in La Mancha or if not fortunate enough, I’ll die in Kalari

Buttermilk is also a type of cheese. Now, now, When my good friend asked me whether I would like to have some ‘buttermilk’ I instantly said yes and never once regretted that instead of a cool bottle of buttermilk in summers, I’ll be on to better avenues as far as my taste buds go.

You might ask whether Brie de Melun is a cheese type. Yes. It is. With such a pretty name, I knew I was going to be floored in the houseboat of 12′, Kochi

Tibet is cubes about two inches on all sides, with holes to string them through the middle, fifty to a hundred on each string. And I knew this from an old man when I was solo trippin across Nainital. He even gave me a piece for a book. Barter barter.

Wensleydale and I fell in love just like how bad you orgasm at the impact of an English accent in the unlikeliest of places. I never thought I will get to eat cheese where people didn’t know what butter was. In a village, an expat gifted me some for teaching her bhojpuri.

More continued…..

Please do tell me if you liked my little stories of cheese and me. Feedback is always appreciated. We all are here to bring and share stories, in least words possible, with enough emotions. ♥️

Writer. Poet. Bibliophile. Trying to live as many lives as possible 🍒

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  1. Some random thoughts about cheese:

    I like cheese,
    Brie and Quebec artisinal
    Are great;
    Oka is good
    Until it poisons you
    And you die thinking
    it was totally worth it.
    French cheese,
    The holy grail,
    But who doesn’t love
    A smoky wheel of Parmagianno Reggianno?
    There are cheese shops,
    Treasure shops,
    Hundreds of treasures
    Packaged behind glass;
    A man stalks the counter
    With a cheese knife
    Procuring slices for eager palates.
    I’ll take the aged white
    A crowd pleaser.
    That’s a lot of money
    For a hunk of cheese.

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