Make reading your game, books your vice

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buy provigil in usa Make reading your engima, books your vice.
I will list down those things which have inculcated reading habit in me,

Making friends who like trading books and reading. Even if you are an introvert, with books, it’s not that difficult. Ask me if in help to talk to someone or just ask me! I’ll lend or suggest you a book which I know you’ll love!

Today after you read this post, decide upon yourself that you will read more posts

Today before you sleep, don’t go to sleep if you haven’t added any value to your vocabulary. For a seasoned reader, it goes like this- if you haven’t read a book or touched pages, sleep won’t come easy.

Today when you feel bored, which you will, no matter how exciting your life is, boredom is natural, turn your boredom into manifestation of knowledge. Through your new found friends- books.

Give yourself challenges. Like that beer ping pong or the somersault of last summers which you never thought you could ace.

Gift yourself books, every now and then. When they start to gather dust, atleast brush it off, pull in few minutes, browse through, leave what you can’t read, mark something you liked. Start.

I have a book for everyone. Everyone. Can’t stress enough. Whatever kind of person you are, you talk to other people, you are social, you are antisocial, you are someone you yet don’t know… Every story in these books is because of you. Won’t you read yourself atleast?

If you do a work or have a routine which cannot give you time to read, fuck yourself. And your routine.

It’s good to hate. Hate reading. Hate being told to read. Hate people like me. But how much can you really? What if everyone you know, read? Read a lot? Had no time for you? Wouldn’t you sell and go read? See what’s the fuss about?

Reading has been called monotonous over a period of callous times by people who don’t really read. If you like the look, smell of a book, what I am going to say isn’t for you. …
Reading isn’t boring. I cannot prove to you because I don’t know how to. But talk to me, my parents, my book hoarding friends and you’ll know that you’ll be the odd one out if you think that books are boring. Our education system has killed us. It has made books tedious, reading a mere past time. So, you need to come out of that cocoon.

That first bowl of broccoli, the first taste of bitter medicine, the firsts which you never liked, but now has been glamorized by your favorite bloggers, celebrities, science, I want as many of you, in all your individual capacity to make books a part of your everyday campaigning. Reading shouldn’t have been so selective, so much emphasised. Over kill. If you know what I mean.

It’s perfectly fine to not be able to read at a pace you aren’t familiar with and find superhumanly. Start small. Start with your Enid Blyton’s and Sidney Sheldon’s. Start with a readers digest. Start humble. Start slow. Like a goddamn snail.

With the amount of time you spend on social medias, join groups, follow bookstagrammers, discover sites which solely carter to reading and some more reading.

Always prioritize books over anything in a conflict.

Please read.

Writer. Poet. Bibliophile. Trying to live as many lives as possible 🍒

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