How was 2017 my worst year and why the best too!

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watch Many people who know me worry ABOUT me. Some care about me a lot. Some want to live how I live.
But do you know, when a Leo sun signed lioness like me got to know through some sites and astrological prodigies in the tons of articles strewn across the internet that-
♌ are going to be on 🔥
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Instead I could smell the embers of an aftermath of a burnt year and a drastically painful one!


cheap priligy uk With the company I was working for going to hell, with not receiving salaries for months on end to being financially finished off everytime I run out of people to ask favors from to being an emotional fool, embarrassed by health issues and a fractured ego, I have cried the most in 2017.

follow url I thought everything was muddled up. The universe was punishing me for having a good streak up till then! I was living day to day. With no vision of tomorrow. Except that I would survive it. I met a lot of bad men, wolves, people who are too selfish to fish in the right waters with you. I was continually disappointed by life. For an optimist and a dreamer, it was a crunch. Mental decomposition. Tiring times. Testing times. The fizzling dying future.

Amidst all the unfortunate happenings, I stayed positive and even though some problems which found me are going to stay with me for life, I learnt too much out of life in 2017 to call it a bad year.
Yes, it was heartbreaking. It was torturous. It still pains every time I can’t sleep.

But, then these things happened: (or I trained myself to see good things happening in those bad times)

– I was amazed at how irritating a corporate could get and I learnt patience through this tumultuous time. I lacked patience and today, I can proudly say that all those times when I have stared at my screen waiting for that call or mail, opening my phone a thousand times only to be disappointed, currently my state of mind is patient as fuck. My brain knows how to breathe because it has been suffocated so bad under pressure that I know the lesson in worrying- it never solves anything. And “there’s a time for everything.”

– I got instant disappointments and delays, and whenever I got time (which was every month of 2017), I ran off to the hills and mountains and places where I could unwind. Write. I wrote a lot. I solo traveled. I lived on no money. I lived on doing chores for food and travel. I lived with the locals. I always slept well. Always. Away from the hum drum of Delhi and the corporate tangles.

– I read a lot. I wrote a lot. With so much time on your hands and with so much chaos in your mind, these two hobbies kept me afloat and at my productive best. I read approximately 100 books in 2017.

– I taught English and biology whenever I could. I had time and there were kids who look upto me. I knew if I could invest my time in giving back knowledge and helping others out, the good God will help me too. Plus I have always learnt more than I have taught, everytime I have doned the hat of a teacher. Teaching is the best thing you can do in this world. Education is paramount and a part of my personality.

– I have lived in hostel and hardly at home in the last 6-7 odd years. I got time to catch up with my parents, neighbors, society. In our race to succeed and to please our needs, we often forget where we started from- we have come from our homes, a place we need to keep on visiting, to unearth more of yourself.

– I learnt to write a book. Publish it. I can say that I know the basics of book marketing really well. You see, I don’t belong to a clan where someone can hold my finger and guide me through. I read, I learn.

– I learnt the biggest thing a human being can learn- Failure. The aftermath of failing is what shapes you as a person. People who know my story tell me how strong I am. Well, till 2016, I didn’t really know how tough life could get. And 2017, showed and showered me with life lessons which have made me see eye to eye and more. Now, I have so much strength that I pray for more, because, baby, pain is inherent. You can’t dismiss struggles. But you can pray for strength. That’s all you need.

– I lost some people near to me. Dear to me. I am coping. But, losing people have taught me to value people around me more.

– 2017 was such an assy year. I was trying to find a habitat and meanwhile, I couchsurfed and stayed with a lot of friends and strangers. Some people opened their hearts and home to me. I collected some hundred odd stories. And man! I live for stories. I know if I would have taken the lavish flat my company was offering me and everything would have gone smoothly, I would have never met these people, lived in these places- Never would I have had formed connections! I lived my life in a backpack and it worked!

– I have sat some days, from dusk till dawn, basking in the glory which solitude can offer. I have had a crazy couple of last years in college. A crazy life full of fun and frolic. I had forgotten how to be alone. I taught myself that.

– I have an emotional quotient am proud of. And thanks to the above mentioned journey.

– I learnt some new things. Like making cheese, taught myself a bit of psychology,roast coffee, scientific palm reading. When you don’t have the urge to self splurge on yourself,you learn to wax, thread and do your own make up. I can proudly say I know how to contour!

– I went back to freelancing and script writing! Ah! The pleasures of earning when you can because you know you are capable enough. Part time jobs are a work of talent.

– I know the dynamics of house hunting and house hunting can be a bitch!

– I have Instagrammed by heart out. You can see that @Belladonnaoflavender has posted atleast one post every single day of 2017. I consider that an achievement.

– I have made new friends. Let go of some negative people. And life has honored my living in the people I have met.

– I have explored my creativity because a job wouldn’t let me do that.

Thanks for reading. Do let know what you think of what I said. Comment, share!

Writer. Poet. Bibliophile. Trying to live as many lives as possible 🍒


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