How to live a laptop free lifestyle and work on your mobile!

see Yes that’s right. Your laptop is pretty much just dead weight these days. We keep on hearing comparisons on how laptops have become a life saving tool because you have everything in one place. On a big screen. But, think about it. Coming from me, who has written a book almost on her mobile phone, I am fine with a smaller screen streaming Netflix and I don’t ever want a home theater kinda treatment. Not a sucker for a luxurious watching experience. Neither do I have a thing for flaunting my sleek gadgets. Laptop which was an intense and irreplaceable part of my lifestyle is now extinct. I know I will be using it when am back in the office, jamming legalities on paper, because corporate culture doesn’t allow the ethics to work on your cell. That will change eventually, till then, let’s try for once to unburden yourself with weights and space. Mobile phones are now equipped with the same efficiency a laptop is.

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These are the screenshots of how my mobile homepage looks like: (Go through the apps and frankly, I hardly use more than 10 apps in a day but there are some apps which are go-to’s and some are clearly used on a daily basis, sometimes every half an hour) The only issue in working on your mobile is that you can get distracted easily but that can be solved!

Here is how I made the impossible seem possible!

√ Invest in a good phone with great memory and you are set for this adventure.

√ Why bother with a laptop when you can store everything on your phone? (And if not on your phone, in the cloud?)
√The lack-of-a-physical-keyboard argument is nullified as there are plenty of Bluetooth keyboards that work. Also, once you get out of your comfort zone, keyboards will be sooner forgotten. 😲

√ Mobile phones make writing long e-mails harder, likewise, a lot of things get synchronized so you don’t waste time

√ I have been travelling through and through since 2017, a on the go lifestyle and every “I don’t have a laptop” had gotten changed to “I don’t need a laptop”. I dealt don’t understand why the hell do we have so many gadgets. For someone like me, I like things simple and naturally accommodating. Carrying five different devices which do exactly the same tasks is beyond reasons. ✋

√ there are a hundred thousand apps for you to behave with for a productive outcome. Explore, import and voila! Everything you need is at your service.

√for someone who used to have just one app- WhatsApp on her mobile to having 50 apps to work with, it has been a real challenge but necessities and priorities can be your friend in cases like this. 👌

√ when I go to the washroom, I have my phone with me. When I am standing in a queue, I can do what I need to do from my office desk on my phone. Tell me if that isn’t cool and a real time saver!

√ I am pretty lazy when it comes to sitting in a place like a robot,I choose to walk and talk, walk and read, walk and write. I can do all of this and much more with a phone. 🤳

√ QWERTY is the best way to write on a mobile. Once you master it, you look like a ninja typing away like how I am looking like right now, typing this post. The greatest talent currently trending is the use of QWERTY

√ I didn’t want to waste money on getting a laptop, I was short on funds and that was a big factor to save up some ass by learning the skills of everyday work and play on your palms. 🤘

If I could do it, so can you. The whole idea behind a laptop free lifestyle is to also do something different with the usual monotony of creating larger than life technology dependant lifestyle, laptops being a trend which had stuck for too long. Time for something different? 🍬

I even published a book on my mobile! Yes. It gets simpler by the minute. My typing and reading speed is faster on my mobile than a laptop or a PC. I can optimize my productivity if I can connect as good as I have connected with a laptop in my preceding years.

There are times when you really can’t do something on your mobile, well,I have found glitches but nothing too superimposed. Nothing that can’t be solved. 😁

Do ask me any questions or comment below! I will do my best to make this journey from a laptop weighed life to a only-mobile dependant lifestyle!
Cheers! 🍾


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