Confessions of a TUROPHILE

orlistat order online PROSE-POETRY BOOK COMING SOONоперации-на-позвоночнике-в-израиле/ BECAUSE, poetry is for everyone. An unflinching ride. A batter of emotions and literature.

My book is not for me. It’s for everyone, a person who does or doesn’t like poetry, no age group and your knowledge of English fluency can be bettered along with the essays of intellectual monologues which combine my love for food, travel, books and life experiences.

This book is a touch and go on life and a reflection of my life which revolves around dialogues. Food for thought which isn’t too straight forward.

To know more of me and my writing, here are some published writings:
The Nation-

Writer. Poet. Bibliophile. Trying to live as many lives as possible 🍒

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